We accompany you throughout the process of defining and implementing your total rewards strategy, adapting to the reality of your organisation so that we can be effective helping you compete for the best talent and deliver value to your people, at a reasonable cost.

We focus on designing solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, whether it is to help you manage rewards in liquid organisations, close the wage gap or improve the effectiveness of your incentive schemes. 

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Juan Manuel Rueda Martin
Managing Director of People, Organization and Comunication
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What do you look for in a Consultant?
Most times the answer is easy: talent and hours. However sometimes that is not enough, the situation transcends and the type of relationship goes to another level.
You look for proximity, confidence, commitment and implication. You get to know yourself, get to know them, and they contribute at all times, share your  concerns and the results.

The Rewards is one of the most important tools to move the organization forward. If you have someone by your side with the same level of the team of Peoplematters at work, don´t lose them, and keep them by your side.


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