SHRM-Partnership-20182¿What is SHRM?

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the largest professional HR organization in the world, with 300,000 members in more than 165 countries. It has been the leading resources provider for more than 7 decades to meet the needs of HR professionals, improving their management skills and results.The Global SHRM-CP® and

SHRM-SCP® credentials are supported by a body of competencies and knowledge, SHRM BoCK  (Body of Competences and Knowledge) that guarantees a significant updating of technical competencies in the critical areas of Human Capital Management, contributing with good practices in a global context. On the other hand, the learning method enables training decision-making and key managerial skills that contribute to the highest organizational level.

¿What is SHRM certification?


The SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP®) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP®) are based on an international validation system that guarantees a standard of competencies: knowledge, skills and attitudes that HR professionals of the future must have.

These credentials are aimed to professionals who want to improve their profile, expand their skills in HR by working the 4 functional areas on which the Certification focuses: People, Organization, Place of Work, and Behavioural Competencies, which are divided into three groups (leadership, business knowledge and interpersonal skills).

The SHRM competencies and knowledge model updated


Applicants can obtain either certification depending on their previous work experience and educational background:




  1. Leadership & Navigation
  2. Ethical Practice
  3. Business Acumen
  4. Consultation
  5. Critical Evaluation
  6. Relationship Management
  7. Global & Cultural Effectiveness
  8. Communication


  1. HR Strategic Planning
  2. Talent Acquisition
  3. Employee Engagement & Retention
  4. Learning & Development
  5. Total Rewards


  1. Structure of the HR Function
  2. Organizational Effectiveness and Development
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Employee & Labour Relations
  5. Technology Management



  1. HR in the global context
  2. Diversity & Inclusion
  3. Risk Management
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Spanish Employment Law & Regulations

¿How do I prepare to be certified through PeopleMatters?



24-hour access to the SHRM online SHRM Learning System tool, which includes all the necessary documentation to take the certification exam.

Online evaluation: to determine current knowledge and identify areas for improvement. It includes the SmartStudy online tool that allows you to design a personalized study plan that can be downloaded in order to work without an internet connection.


Tarifa: 850 €+VAT

Information Request


+ 34 91 781 06 80

PeopleMatters recetification entity in Spain

PeopleMatters, as an educational partner of SHRM, is also a recertification entity. If you are certified by SHRM and need to get professional development credits, PDCs can write to us at




24-hour access to the SHRM Learning System online tool, which includes all the necessary documentation to take the certification exam.

28 hours of face-to-face training divided into 7 modules taught by PeopleMatters experts and approved by SHRM. These experts have extensive professional experience in the subject, advise important companies in the optimization of their Human Capital policies, and guarantee a large percentage of success in the certification examination.


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28 hours of face-to-face training program to support Spring exam window 2020: February, 11 and 25, 2020, March 10, 24 and 31, 2020 and April 14 and 28, 2020
Each session lasts 4 hours. Once you have completed all the classes and meet the requirements, you will be awarded with an achievement diploma.
PeopleMatters Serrano, 21 – 5th floor 28001 Madrid
2.500 €+VAT (includes self-study + attendance lessons)

Information Request


+ 34 91 781 06 80

If you want to certify all your team, ask for information at

Exam Dates


The exam will take place at an external examination centre (Prometric), which is certified by SHRM. This centre is responsible for ensuring the correct development of the test and the total objectivity of the exam. Test questions alternate between theoretical knowledge and situational judgment scenarios, where each question has 2-4 options.

You will be asked 160 questions (95 are independent questions based on knowledge and 65 based on situational judgment items).


Av. of Philippines, 1 bis, 28003 Madrid
The exam is estimated to last 4 hours.

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SHRM Memberships

As a member of SHRM receives:

  • Exclusive access to HR toolkits
  • Access to knowledge advisors and a community of SHRM members to receive specialised comments.
  • Discounts at SHRM seminars and conferences, and other educational programs and materials. Materials and ways to obtain professional development credits are provided.
$ 95 per year

Select Global on-line membership and enter the GLMEM code and get a discount of $ 20 the first year.

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