How to reinforce the effectiveness of your sales force?

SalesMatters helps companies to increase the effectiveness of their professionals in a sustainable way, applying the best practices of consultative selling.

Our training solutions are aimed mainly at B2B relationships. They are based on a client-focused model, instead of the traditional “sales process”. This model is known as Creating Client Value (CCV).

Creating Client Value:
an internationally successful methodology

salesmatters is launching this methodology onto the Spanish market. It was developed by Imparta, which is among the top three sales force training companies in the world, according to independent analysts from the United States (2009 ESR/Arena TM). In 2011 it was also ranked in the Top 20 Sales Trainig Companies.

The methodology is based on the recent research conducted by Neil Rackman, the author of the SPIN® Selling strategy, and John De Vincentis from McKinsey & Co.

Our solutions enable the identification, development and measurement of the impact of consultive selling skills.

We help sales and marketing divisions to:

•  Generate new business opportunities.
•  Focus actions on the priority objectives of the company and its clients.
•  Create and demonstrate the value of each client.
•  Measure the short and medium-term impact

All the supporting programmes and tools are created around the Sales Performace System.

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