We help you to increase your company’s flexibility, agility and adaptability by designing and implementing new organisational models and professional classification systems as well as the people management processes that support these.

We develop new ways of working that build flexibility into responsibilities, cross-functional cooperation, project management and agile work methodologies. At the same time, we ensure that your people management system remains stable, transparent and egalitarian, as well as focusing on the engagement, development and contribution of your professionals.

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Luis García Berral
Human Resources Director

Peoplematters has helped design a levelling model which is based on our people contribution and capabilities, supporting a flexible organization which is able to adapt to an ever-changing business context, whilst ensuring fairness and equity in people management. From the start, they were able to capture the goals we pursued with the project, developed a focused approach and worked in an agile and effective way. Peoplematters conduct their work fully considering our company’s context and culture, and looking into the future considering very interesting implications for other people management areas. We are very happy to have been able to work with the team.



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